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The job title Network Engineer or certification Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert does not necessarily mean that you are a “REAL” engineer. By this I mean a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, or other accredited degreed credential. Another tip for landing a job in this field is to learn about specific devices and brands you may be using in a role. For example, some companies may require that you’re experienced using Cisco products. So, you need to either have worked with them previously or learned how they function. No matter where you are in your career, finding a lucrative position as a network engineer isn’t difficult if you live in a city or town that’s home to numerous companies.

  • A successful networking expert needs strong interpersonal skills.
  • As a network professional, it may be your responsibility to maintain the network’s infrastructure and advise what hardware it will reside on.
  • You can have access to very knowledgeable people who can advise you, increase your chances of landing a higher-paying position, and confidently ask for help anytime you need it.

Many companies prefer applicants that have obtained a higher level of education. E.g., a Master of Business Administration in Information Systems. As more companies invest in new and emerging technology, network engineers will be more in-demand. In turn, the salary range for this type of professional is expected to increase. Currently, a network engineer can make anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000, based on the size of the company and its role requirements.

Comparing Technical Support Specialists to Network Engineers

This is especially true whenever you want to become a network engineer with no experience. By first creating a blueprint, you can be prepared for next steps. They make blueprints for buildings and skyscrapers are built. Their roles have varying ranges from designing to administrating a communication infrastructure. how to become a help desk engineer As the world becomes increasingly digital, more skilled workers are required to move it swiftly and efficiently through the information super highway. Thus, the demand for network engineers to manage this traffic becomes an evergreen trend. Research the education requirements and learn about the experience you…

Struggling to find cyber pros? Look to your network admins – Cybersecurity Dive

Struggling to find cyber pros? Look to your network admins.

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But, there are also people who skyrocket through the industry as if they were cruising through outer space. All these roles have a lot of churn so there should be plenty of opportunities to move up in your company –no need to get your resume out there yet. So if you’re already there, just make sure your name is “in” so it can be considered for upcoming openings. As a network engineer, you’ll be working with the IT, analytics, and business departments, among others. You’re the first and last line of defense when it comes to maintaining a steady network connection for your coworkers.

How to Become a Network Engineer with No Experience

Just speaking for myself – a lot of that that comes from working your way up, learning from grizzled vets and increasing responsibility over time. The best part is that if you’re feeling down or maybe even lost, you can get plenty of support. This may seem like a triviality, but having the privilege to rely on a supportive community can make a gigantic difference in your career.